NFCG Initiatives

During the year 2004

Discussion paper on Corporate Governance in India: Theory and Practice

NFCG had prepared a discussion paper on Corporate Governance in India for debate and discussion. The discussion paper examines the definition and importance of Corporate Governance as well as the importance of regulating corporate governance practices in the country.

1st National Conference on Corporate Governance trends in India

NFCG had organised a conference on October 18, 2004 along with MCA, CII & World Bank. The conference was divided in two sessions: -

  • ROSC study by World Bank on 'Key findings on Corporate Governance'
  • Corporate Governance Audit: Issues and Challenges
The conference was inaugurated by Minister of Corporate Affairs and attended by Senior Government officials, World Bank officials and Industry leaders.

Dissemination of ROSC-Corporate Governance Country Assessment India

The First World Bank Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSC) Corporate governance assessment in India, was completed in July 2000. An update of the earlier ROSC on corporate governance for India was completed in June 2004 and was widely disseminated and deliberated.



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