NFCG Events

During the year 2006

2nd Director's Leadership Programme (Module I & II)
Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta in collaboration with NFCG had organized the Module I & II of "2nd Directors' Leadership Programmes" on December 8 - 9, 2006 and December 11 - 12, 2006 at Kolkata. The module I was - Roundtable on Good Governance Practices & module II was - Roundtable on Strategic Management-Role of the Board of Directors. The objective of this programme was to provide an opportunity to the Directors to gain fresh insights through informal yet rigorous discussions with the faculty and peers and also provide a platform to improve leadership skills, capabilities and understanding of General Management Practices including the Corporate Governance practices.

Orientation program on New Frontiers of Corporate Governance
National Law School of India University, Bangalore in collaboration with NFCG organized a programme on "New Frontiers of Corporate Governance' on 11 - 13 August 2006 at Bangalore. The aim of the programme was to provide current and prospective Directors of Indian Companies and other professionals associated with the corporate sector with an understanding of the emerging concepts in the field of Corporate Governance.

National Conference on Corporate Governance
Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta in collaboration with NFCG organized "National Conference on Corporate Governance' on 24 - 25 February 2006 at Kolkata. The conference brought experts together for presenting and discussing contemporary issues in corporate governance with particular reference to India.

2006 Policy Dialogue on Corporate Governance in India
A Two day conference '2006 Policy Dialogue on Corporate Governance' was organised in partnership with OECD on 16-17 February 2006 in New Delhi. Various aspects of Corporate Governance were addressed at the Conference viz the role of the board in dealing with related party transactions, the role of institutional investors in dealing with non-controlling shareholders; developments on compliance with international accounting and auditing standards; corporate governance of state owned enterprises, including the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises corporate governance and capital markets; and insolvency and corporate governance. Indian participants and international experts exchanged experiences regarding these issues.

National Seminar on Directing Board Performance
NFCG had organised a 'National Seminar on Directing Board Performance what Directors should know and do to deliver value'. This seminar had participation of Prof Bob Garratt, noted author of several books and acknowledged expert in the area of governance and board performance. The conference was held from 6-9 February 2006 at three different cities.

Directors' Leadership Programmes
Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta in collaboration with NFCG organized "Directors' Leadership Programme" in February 2006 at Kolkata. The Programme contained two Modules - Roundtable on Regulatory Environment and Corporate Financial Reporting and Roundtable on Corporate Strategy and Strategic Leadership. The aim of the programme was to provide the Executive Directors and Non Executive Directors of Companies with an opportunity to sharpen their acumen for corporate management and hone up their leadership quality.



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