Research On Teaching & Training On Corporate Governance In
India– By IIMB, 2012


The field of corporate governance has evolved during the last decade in India. With rapid growth and internationalization of organizations, there has been an increased need for incorporating an understanding of the corporate governance principles in to the world of business and academic. While NFCG itself accredits and supports centres in various business schools in India, not much is known about the courses covered, the pedagogy used for training, the coverage of the course and the nature of audiences. A number of independent institutions have also been offering training to the organizations. However, not much is known about the gaps that exist in training and education on corporate governance in India. The objective of the research was to understand the field of education and training on corporate governance that exists and to identify the gaps that exist in the field of training and education. This study was conducted in three phases: study of websites, primary survey through questionnaire and a conducted workshop with key stakeholders in the Ethics, Governance, CSR and Environment (ECCE) education.

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